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PRESS RELEASE – Recovery Journey Brings Hope to Survivors of Addiction

Shauna Plett - Journey to FreedomPRESS RELEASE                                                 


Recovery Journey Brings Hope to Survivors of Addiction

MITCHELL, Manitoba (November 13, 2018) –  Journey into Freedom, the Hidden Secrets of Abuse and Addictions is an inspiring self-help journal written by Shauna Hettinger, under the name of Destiny Joy. Available as both a paperback and e-book, Journey into Freedom walks the reader through the author’s personal recovery process, as she recovers from abusive relationships with addicted partners.

“This book is my life journey and how I have found a peace beyond understanding in the midst of my pain,” says Shauna Hettinger, author. “I want readers to jump at the opportunity to read this book so that they can find their own peace in their journey towards freedom and learn how they can become overcome. I currently know people who were struggling in their own lives, but through positivity have learned to change their life around. I have gone from wanting to give up on life to being renewed and finding the purpose in my life.

About the book:

Journey to FreedomHidden Secrets of Abuse and Addictions chronicles how the author has fallen into toxic relationships due to rejection at a very young age, and how she came to find freedom. At the age of eighteen, she left home hoping to find the love she always longed for.

According to the author, this only led her to look for love in all the wrong places. She fell into the love addiction for a drug addict, sex addict, and alcoholic whom by the grace of God is now in sobriety.

This book also describes how the toxic relationships have affected her three children. In the journey of the author’s life, she says that the most important lesson that she has learned is that the only one who can love us unconditionally and will never leave us is the Lord our Saviour.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from where they are now and make a brand new ending” Carl Bard

So why not have this be you?

Journey to FreedomHidden Secrets of Abuse and Addictions has been released in paperback and e-book. It can be ordered online at at  A complimentary downloadable version is available to media upon request.



Shauna Hettinger

(204) 392-7658


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