Did you join the convoy? Hey Freedom Family!
We need your help.

For the past eight years, we have published many books for other authors. As a former career journalist, I loved giving people an opportunity to tell their stories, especially the voiceless. However, after retiring a year ago as a reporter, I have been stuck – I still want to tell people’s stories but do not have a venue. The Internet is great, but there are many folks who are not connected, or who still love solid reading material.

Then my Facebook memories started to remind me that 8 years ago, I started to publish a series of books called “Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors of Bullying”. It was a privilege to be able to give people an opportunity to share their stories. We were taking back our power. I dropped the project in the middle of collecting stories for the second book, a collection of stories from rape survivors. The project got too big, I got distracted with life and I dropped it. I turned my focus back to the newspaper and dropped the publishing dream. Until recently.

It is time to breathe new life into this project! We need your story! Did you participate in the convoy? Did you wave from the side of the road and wave?

Why are we doing this?
This is personal for us too! We traveled to Ottawa with the convoy from Manitoba and were onsite on January 28. It was an experience that changed my life. Until I stood on the parliament grounds, I felt alone in my fight. I was there!

The short story is that in September 2021, I made the tough decision to step down from my 25-year career as a reporter for a monthly Manitoba newspaper. I resigned after it became clear that I could no longer do my job without being jabbed. I knew he would not fire me, so I quit. It was the toughest decision of my life. It has been a struggle ever since to shed this identity while figuring out what is next in life.

I am offering my gifts for the greater good! I stand firmly on integrity and am credible. For months, I have been looking at “what’s next” without realizing that I just needed to breathe new life into a project that has been collected dust now, for eight years. This is where I need help. What I envision is a series of paperbacks – a collection of stories from real people from across Canada and the world.

Tell us your story:

My role is this: I will collect the stories and hire editors to help me sort them and put them into print and e-book form. Once this is done, the stories will be beautifully designed and prepared for print. Unless other means present themselves, we will publish these books on Amazon in the same format as we have in the past. The end game is to see a beautiful series of books containing a collection of real stories written by people who either participated in or were inspired by the Freedom Convoy.


Please note that submission of your story means that you are giving permission to Oak Island Publications to edit and publish with zero expectation of compensation.

In typical consignment fashion, Oak Island Publications will collect the money as follows. estimated manufacturing costs are $5 per book, books will be listed at $25 each Canadian with us retaining 30% and a minimum of 70% balance going into a special fund towards Camp Hope.