Andrea Berg

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Embrace who you are with this journal that seeks to help expand self-awareness, prompt self-reflection, and partner with you on a journey of self-discovery.

Embraced: A Journal of Reflection and Self Awareness is designed to work hand in hand with you as you choose to better understand yourself and the moments in your life that have impacted who you are. Understanding that we are complicated beings with layered pasts, this journal is designed to encourage reflection on the whole day, and not just the moments that may have triggered you. Bringing awareness to your day can help identify and uncover patterns you did not realize exist.

If you feel like the worse parts of your life keep ruminating and replaying in your mind and body, it might be time to bring self-awareness into your day. When traumatic things happen, the urge to isolate and compartmentalize may feel overwhelming and that is why this journal’s focus is to help integrate various parts of your day, and who you are while also cultivating the goodness of the person you are and the person you are striving to become.

This book which is designed to track three months includes:
● Monthly intentions
● Mood tracker
● Monthly Mood Tracker Review
● Monthly goals page
● Body scan sheets
● 90 Daily pages with prompts
● 90 compatible journaling pages
● Easy to carry and store

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BULK RATES ARE AVAILABLE! We hope that groups and organizations will take advantage of bulk pricing rates in order. It is our hope to raise enough funding to purchase copies that can be provided free of change to places like prisons, women’s shelters, and rehabs.

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