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Arlene Derksen- In the Moment - FRONT cover (website)HOPE… We all need hope!

I’ve been writing since I was a very young girl. From my first Christmas poem entry in my local Hometown paper the Carillon in Steinbach, Manitoba, to my latest entry at 53 some 45 years later… and everything in between. Stories penned for my elementary friends in my childhood basement, poems written for my dear grandma and others so dear that have made Heaven their home over the years, and journaling… Oh, so much journaling, of love, life, and loss… And everything in between.

IN THE MOMENT was born out of a picture that was placed in my heart a few years ago by my God. It was a picture of an old bench sitting along an old dirt road. The road was deserted at times, and at other times, people young and old would play, walk, run, and just sit. It became clear to me that this dirt road was to represent life’s road and how I would view it from my bench. He then impressed on me that if I would invite him to join me on the bench on my life’s journey, the eyes of my heart would see each person I would encounter, every situation I would meet… every moment I would breathe a breath, through his eyes… His eyes of Hope in the darkest moments, hope of peace in others, and hope of joy unspeakable in even the most ordinary of moments. Thus IN THE MOMENT was born.

I believe we all have opportunities to experience all these things and above all… hope. Hope in the moments given to each one of us. My Hope is that these “in the moments” of mine will inspire those who read them to claim your “bench” along your life’s road and invite our God to join you… And find Hope in YOUR moments.



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