Arthur Adam

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Arthur Adam lives in Steinbach, Manitoba. He spends his time singing country songs, picking tunes on his guitar, and has even recorded several music CDs with his friends. He collects antique cars and if there is a car show around he will most likely be there. Adam is a pastor/evangelist at heart and his greatest joy comes from talking to people about the Lord. There is a famine in the land today, not of water or of bread, but of hearing the Word of God. He and his wife, Edie, are always looking for people to talk to and opportunities to share with others the goodness and truth of God. When they aren’t at Shiloh, they spend much of their time between Canada and the United States forging relationships and witnessing to those who are searching. They plan on visiting churches across North America in the future to share their story and their hope in the one true God.

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