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The members of Authors of Manitoba invite you to seek out the perfect shade tree, find your comfy spot, then sit a spell and enjoy this special collection of tales. Summer Memories is an assortment of short stories and poems written by multi-generational authors with different cultural backgrounds. Each individual author has a collection of their own published works. However, for this limited edition they have delved into their personal memory banks to share unique experiences with readers of all ages. Inside these pages you will find submissions by: Marianne Curtis, Casia Schreyer, Grace Brooks, Kimberly Dawn Rempel, Beatrice Hebel, Jana Richards, Ruth Moore, Celesta Thiessen, Doreen Pchajek, Violet Moore, Alyssa Thiessen, Angela Tourond, Genella Macintyre, Al Hiebert, Doreen Millichamp, Gabriele Goldstone and Alex McGilvary.

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