Gloria Kanda-Walsh

Until recently, Marianne Curtis was best known as the head writer for a monthly newspaper in southern Manitoba. In a surprising twist, Marianne ended a twenty-four-year career to follow Jesus. Now the retired journalist has rediscovered her gift for storytelling and creating beautiful art. Since this journey includes “a new name”, Marianne has chosen to publish this series under the name given to her at birth – Gloria Kanda-Walsh. When Marianne is not enjoying her garden, pets or family, she can be found encouraging others by sharing how God has been walking her through a very real journey of healing and transformation. 

To Him goes ALL the Glory!

Behind Whispering Pines revisits the original version the Amazon bestseller Finding Gloria”. In the rewriting of her incredible testimony Marianne Curtis has added crucial details missed in the first edition and re-released this book as an act of repentance and personal atonement.

This story of redemption retells the true story of a woman given up at birth and adopted by a family who eventually settles in southern Manitoba. Behind Whispering Pines exposes the author’s upbringing in an abusive home where she was beaten and starved, until she runs away as a teenager.

While Finding Gloria chronicled the authors rise out of the ashes of abject misery to the point of discovering that everything she grew up believing about herself was lies, Behind Whispering Pines brings God to the table in a way that the first edition completely missed. In the republishing of this story, the author clearly acknowledges where God stepped in to help re-write her story and recreate her future into a Glori-ous life of her own choosing… whatever that may be.

After the release of her bestselling book Finding Gloria, Marianne Curtis thought she had “arrived”. She found her birth family; she had a great boyfriend and she was finally closing the doors to her past. Rock bottom would arrive on the heels of a traumatic injury that left her unable to walk for a few months. While in physiotherapy, Marianne was faced with a hard truth – her full recovery was in her own hands.

Little did she know this change would lead to a journey that cost everything she loved including her life partner and relationships with her children. Locked down for two years due to COVID, Marianne took this time to truly heal from her past and learn how to rebuild a future out of the rubble. But first, she had to sort through the ashes of the past and that meant facing some pretty hard truths.

Beauty from Ashes celebrates how a one-on-one relationship with Jesus and walking hand in hand with the Holy Spirit can lead to tearing out generations of deeply rooted hurts and curses.  This book also proves that when you are listening, Jesus is ALIVE, even in 2022.

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