Marian Amore

MarianAmore - Ollie Owle

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Marianne (Iannotta) Curtis (pen name MarianAmore) lives in northern California with her husband, stepdaughter, yellow Lab and Yorkie II. The story of Ollie originated in Chicago around Christmas time when she started seeing a very peculiar elf making random appearances in the homes across America. She thought kids would appreciate a less onspicuous, more security focused little pal to keep watch so they can rest calmly and dream sweetly. She imagined what he would look like and that evolved into a painting which was gifted to a friend’s home where he is kept safe and sound today. Soon after, the storyline quickly flew into her mind and images sketched onto paper. Ollie has been a few years in the making. Because of the support of good friends, he’s finally taken flight! Good things come to those who persevere and keep pushing forward even if the steps aren’t monumental all at once. Totally Owlsome Kids, the partnership of 3 good friends including Lauren Igaravidez, Roberto DiPaolo and Marianne represents: being brave, never quitting and remembering that all great things take time. Oh – and if it was easy, EVERYONE would do it. So never give up on your dreams…because Ollie will always be protecting you while you create them. *Coming Soon: Totally Owlsome Kids brings Ollie to life with a super soft plush toy!

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