Mason Garrett Godwaldt

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I am Mason Garret Jay Godwaldt, I am 18 years old. At this age, I haven’t accomplished lots, but I love volunteering. If I can give my time to help out someone or help out at an event, I am satisfied. Currently I am finishing up high school and finding what track my life is going to take. I decided to write this book with my friend Orian, because I am transgender. I know what it’s like to  not have your story heard. Or the constant bullying, nobody understanding you. I get that. People need to realize we aren’t invisible. We are just as human as them. My purpose in this book is to save lives, even just one life. If someone gets a hold of us and says we book saved them. Then I consider it successful. It’s not about the money or anything else. It’s about making the voices of the invisible heard. I hope I can change one life. That’s all I want.

Twitter- @MasonGarretJay

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