Mel Groening

Mel - Philosphy

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“He was down to earth, real is the word I would use for him…there is an education that cannot be gleaned from any other venue, that one gets from living on a farm.” ~ Stephen Hoyes, Macdonald, Manitoba “[Mel] would look at things that the average man would term as everyday or mundane, and derive great joy in just being there to take it all in.” ~ Steve Hildebrand, Lowe Farm, Manitoba “I would eagerly leaf through it (The AgriPost) to find the latest installment of Farm Philosophy. I enjoyed reading his fresh and stimulating perspectives on his life experiences.” ~ Richard Warkentin, Stanley Soil Management Association; Osterwick, Manitoba “Mel’s stories invite you to sit around his kitchen table with the family and listen as he takes life’s events and shows you a perspective others miss. His writings stand the test of time, a sign of a true storyteller.” ~ Dan Guetre, AgriPost Managing Editor

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