Mia Teller

Timothys Seven Teachings - front Timothy is a turtle, who goes on an adventure to learn about the Seven Teachings. He walks through the forests and meets up with his friends. Each animal tells their story of how they became one of the seven animals, and what their meanings are.



smudge - front

Timothy Learns to Smudge is as educational as Timothy and the Seven Teachings, describing and explaining smudging in a manner that inspires children of all ages to learn more about the Aboriginal Culture.



sweat - cover

Timothy is a young turtle who loves to be adventurous. In his first book, he went on a journey to meet all 7 of the sacred animals throughout the forest. In his second book, Timothy is taught how to smudge by his friend Roaming Sky. In this book, Timothy embarks on a journey to a sweat lodge.

Powwow - front



Timothy has been on all kinds of adventures! In the first book of the series, Timothy learned about the Seven Teachings. In the second book, Timothy learned how to smudge. In the third book, Timothy learned about going to a sweat. This is the fourth book in the Timothy Series. In this story, Timothy learns all about the traditions of the Aboriginal Pow Wow. Timothy meets up with his old pal Roaming Sky, and Roaming Sky shares the different dances that take place in a traditional Aboriginal Pow Wow with Timothy and his friend Oliver.

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