Robert Stermscheg 

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Born in Europe in 1956, I was exposed to many wonderful writers – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, even Karl May, to mention a few. I appreciated how they opened up a whole new world to our imaginations through their portrayal of life. As a result of my father’s occupation as an electrical engineer, I moved several times in my early childhood. My father kept a steady supply of books, in English, French and German, to broaden my education; this included a repertoire of Karl May books. My entire family moved to Canada in 1967, eventually settling in Manitoba. I was involved in chess, hockey, flying, but always kept up my interest in the German language. One of my passions was to share the works of Karl May, largely unknown in North America at the time. After retiring from a satisfying career with the Winnipeg Police Service in 2006, I had the opportunity to pursue my dream—translating one of Karl May’s novels into English. After much thought and deliberation, I embarked on my first book, The Prussian Lieutenant, based on an earlier work by Karl May. The first book was well received locally, encouraging me to continue with the sequel, The Marabout’s Secret. Buried Secrets, the third book, was released independently last year. I want to broaden my writing experience into other genres, not confining myself to translation. I recently wrote my father’s memoir, POW #74324, detailing his experiences as a prisoner in WWII.

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