Sarah Simbi Nakure

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This book is a labour of love written from the heart. Written in the first person narrative, it offers advice and wisdom and spiritual empowerment to young girls and mothers by using parallels to the author’s own personal
story as a youth in Rwanda, Africa. Sarah Simbi Nakure writes with honesty and openness as she shares pieces of her own experience and journey of self-discovery and uses the lessons learned to help others. This book is a good read that makes us think beyond the limitations
we so often put upon ourselves.
Donna G. Sutherland
Author, Editor, Historical Researcher

God’s faithfulness experienced in real life is the whole
point of Christian biography. Sister Sarah has written a
very encouraging book of how godly parenting, biblical
wisdom, and trust in God’s promises combined to steer
her through the dangers of young womanhood.
I recommend this enjoyable and profitable book.
Rob Balfour
Team leading Pastor, Calvary Chapel

This book is a must-read for everyone, not only
teenagers. It is a recipe on how to operate in the power
of the Holy Spirit. Apart from the Bible, it is one of the
most challenging books that I’ve ever read. While I was
reading it, I was asking myself, can I operate with such
strictness now. Never mind as a teenager.
Pastor Dave Waldner
Reaching Out Ministries

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